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Welcome to Inspiration Preschool

Inspiration endevours to provide your child with the skills and knowledge he/she needs to begin school successfully. We are basically focusing on Beginners Level and Nursery and Kindergarten Level Kids.

Beginner (Playgroup) (2-3 yrs)
The following are the readiness skills that will be inculcated in the student by us

Activities based on :
Understanding the Concept of Texture | Understanding the Concept of Colour | Understanding the Concept of Position and Direction | Understanding the Concept of Time | Introducing Numbers and Alphabets | Conducting EPL (Exercises for Practical Living) | Social and Moral Developments

Nursery (3-4 yrs)
We focus on the all round development of a child that is intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and aesthetic.

KG (4-5 yrs)
We focus on individual care in the building the base of the child in every subject.

Activities based on : 
Maths/reading& writing/ Science/ Social emotional/Social studies/ Art & Craft/ Colouring/Holidays/Culture & Events etc.

Rules & Regulation


-------------- RULES AND REGULATIONS --------------

1. Children must arrive to school by 8:30 a.m.
2. The student must be sent in proper uniform.
3. The shoes must be polished and socks clean.
4. No child will be left from school without escort card.
5. Incase the escort card is not produced the guardian or the escort has to fill up form to assure school authorities stating that the child is being taken at his own risk.
6. Incase of rickshaw puller or others, school will first inform home and only then,the child will be left. Therefore, the escort card is mandatory for taking any child from school.
7. Incase of early departure, the parent has to inform school and fill up a form , provided by school, stating reasons for early departure. The child will be left only after the signature given by either the Principal or the Class teacher.
8. Incase of absence from school, parents are requested to fill up a form stating reasons for absence.
9. Medical certificate has to be rendered incase of absence for more than a week..
10.  Every article (example : notebooks, bag, water bottle, shirt etc.) has to be properly labelled for convenience.
11. To meet the Principal or the Class teacher for any reason, parents or guardians are requested to give a prior information in the school office.
12. Kindly follow up at home every thing what is being done in the class. No calling up class – teachers after school hours.
13. You are most welcome for any kind of query from the school office during school hours [ 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon]
14. Kindly check the school diary every day without fail and put your signature and also check the Whatsapp group which will keep you updated about everything being done in school. Send the diary and necessary books everyday as per time - table.
15. Parents are requested not to give or exchange any personal message or information or any kind of query in the Whatsapp group. The group will be administered only from the school.
16.  For or any doubt, confusion or problem,  parents are requested to inform school in writing.
17. Please provide an extra set of clothes and napkin in a labelled plastic bag.
18. Incase of any sudden declaration kindly follow up the Whatsapp and the notice given outside the school minutely.
19. Do not send any kind of junk food or chocolate in the Tiffin
20. Help the children to learn the prayer for school according to the syllabus.




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